INSEEC U.’s promise is to guarantee its students a demanding and qualitative training experience as well as job placement opportunities that meet their expectations and fit with their projects, in an interdisciplinary and intercultural environment. This strategic project is innovative and stands out by its choice to build on “academic value” that is to say all the intellectual production of its Faculty.


Academic value includes three types of intellectual production, each contributing in its own way to the overall INSEEC U. project:

Scientific publications in academic peer-reviewed journals with the objective of contributing to advancing knowledge. These journals are nationally and internationally recognized. The list of journals referenced by the schools is chosen depending on their disciplines and strategy. These publications are intended to be produced within the INSEEC U. Research Center.

Contributions to operational practice, which covers production linked to the expectations of business and more widely the socio-economic world: texts written to make knowledge more accessible, work by research chairs or funded by companies, deliverables of all kinds (some of which may lead to a patent) These contributions are made by faculty members and teaching staff whatever their status and regardless of an obligation to produce work.

Contributions to educational methods, intended to constantly update the pedagogical content, as well as contributing to the development of soft skills and transversal competencies.


The aims for development of the research and intellectual production at INSEEC U. fall into 4 categories:

Interdisciplinarity, fitting with the expectations of business and their new organizational structures.

Multicultural and international focus, in the context of globalization, and digitalization of knowledge.

Impact on socio-economic circles seeking to work on themes which interest them and in which they are willing to invest.

Nourishing our pedagogy, research both guarantees that the knowledge we teach is always up-to-date and future orientated and, through the way it is implemented, is the source of transversal skills and of soft skills.