Inseec U.’s
educational vision


Building on the legacy of its schools, melting pots of educational values and know-how, the INSEEC U. community, made up of respected figures passionate about training and transmitting knowledge, has created a new model of higher education. Basing its approach upon research firmly rooted in today’s economic and societal realities, combining attention, agility and interdisciplinarity INSEEC U.’s conviction is the driving force in designing innovative pedagogical projects to support multiple success stories and meet the challenges resulting from the multiple transitions of today’s world.

A new vision
of higher education


Just as the world is undergoing transformations, the aspirations of students are changing, sometimes during their course. We must take into account their desire to adapt their training and include new subjects of wider interest. Being aware of these individual or generational expectations, being attentive to each student’s project is a driving principle at INSEEC U. Our mission is to give each student the means to play an active role in designing their learning pathway.

Tailor made courses

Each student must be in a position to put together a course which suits them, combining disciplines to create a training pathway ideally adapted to their project. Dual sports-study or art-study courses, dual Master’s in business and engineering…

Our programs are constantly changing and undergoing hybridization to better respond to the expectations and needs of our students.

Students play an active role in their training thanks to our online certification platform

The INSEEC U. Professional Certificates enables each student to follow a course which has been delivered in another
INSEEC U. school either on line or face-to-face. This principle of multiple diplomas (when the student has used more than two universities to undertake his/her studies) and multi-certification gives each individual the possibility of being actively involved in designing their learning pathway and thus improving their employability.
It also gives alumni the opportunity to update their knowledge and gain new skills throughout their careers.

Excellence in a preparatory class adapted to students’ constraints

The “Prépa Saint-Germain” offers innovative, high quality courses.
To be more accessible, these courses are delivered both face-to-face or by e-learning. Thus, each student is able to organize their schedule to follow the training at their own convenience and speed. An approach that has already proved its worth: almost a quarter of a year group at ENA (the French grande école which selects and trains senior French officials) selected via the external competitive examination took the “Prépa Saint-Germain” course.

Our openness to the world, our alumni network and our partners, our international presence, are all sensors feeding back information on the changes in the business world, in organizations, in vocational learning… This allows us to focus our forward planning and our investment in research, enabling us to rapidly offer new training programs linked to emerging professions and careers.

A specialization in defensive cyber-security

In partnership with Microsoft and Orange Cyber defense, in 2018 ECE (Engineering School) launched a Master program on identity and security issues in a Microsoft environment.

New media and influence mechanisms

A new five-year dual diploma higher education program delivered by Sup de Pub and HEIP (School of Advanced International and Political Studies) allows students to learn to create content and manage new Social Influence Marketing media.

Teaching blockchain technology

Over a 6 month-period, ESCE International Business School and ECE have developed the first master’s specializing in “blockchain project design” to train the future experts in this promising technology.

Dematerializing knowledge

INSEEC U. provides a complete digital ecosystem (digital libraries, servers, video, studio, learning platform, learning analytics) to make training and research content more quickly and easily available to students.

Cognitive sciences and technology are radically shaking up learning. INSEEC U. must constantly improve its methods to provide its students with state-of-the-art innovation to drive their success. The women and men at INSEEC U. all share the same passion for pedagogy and the same determination to adapt courses to meet ever more closely the requirements of the world of business and use by its students.

E-learning & flipped classroom

The INSEEC U. digital ecosystem means some teaching can be given using the flipped classroom technique: prior to the lecture the students are asked to get to know the content of the session on line. The face to face session is used for applying this knowledge and working on practical case studies. This approach provides significant time savings and increased efficiency, leading to better knowledge retention.

A bachelor inspired by the Montessori principles

In 2018, ESCE International Business School signed a partnership with Montessori, pioneer of an alternative, creative educational system.
This initiative, unique in France, has created value in higher education.

Using neuroscience to learn more efficiently

Neuroscience informs our understanding of the way people learn, memorize and assimilate knowledge. INSEEC U. schools have set up a partnership in this field in order to teach and support students in a more efficient and enjoyable way.

Agency Competitions

For a week, communication students work on a practical case study presented by a leading advertiser or a major agency, to resolve a marketing or creative strategic problem. Students from courses specializing in creation, strategy, media, PR and digital media work in teams to produce qualitative work drawing on these varied skills and competencies.
The competitions allow students to work collectively and intensely in conditions very close to real life.

Model United Nations (MUN)

HEIP, our Political Science Institute, and CEDS, our Diplomatic Training Center, use an innovative teaching approach. A MUN -Model United Nations- is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students are required to play the part of delegates from different countries. They try to solve contemporary problems using the perspective and resources of the country they have been assigned. A MUN may be in the shape of any of the organizations making up the UNO and cover all major current affairs issues.

Whatever the sector, the business of tomorrow will need creative, agile, multitasking staff capable of adapting to different contexts. Whereas specialized tasks will be partly carried out by artificial intelligence, human intelligence will be required to coordinate, connect different fields of expertise, drive and manage change…Openness and interdisciplinarity will be the keys to success for our graduates in the future. INSEEC U. provides international, multicultural experience by leveraging transversality between schools.

Multidisciplinary learning pathways

INSEEC U. offers learning pathways combining several specializations: joint programs between Sup de Pub and the political science school HEIP, dual diploma EBS and ECE (management and engineering). Thanks to the numerous active synergies between schools, a multiple diploma system is available to all students in the community.

The Art Tech experience to stimulate creativity

The San Francisco campus has set up the Art Tech experience, an original meeting point between engineers and artists. These two groups, from very different backgrounds and university cultures work together on an exhibition project centered on a theme which impacts them directly: the frontier, in all its forms, be they geographical, linguistic, or even the frontier between man and machine.

Digital Expedition to California

Our students of management, communication, or engineering can take part in a month long Digital Expedition to San Francisco. In contact with the Silicon Valley ecosystem, they attend design thinking workshops, meet high level professionals and, in cooperation with these professionals, imagine prototypes for startups.

The greatest challenge facing our students will be contributing to inventing a more responsible and sustainable world. As a major player in the field of higher education, we support them in this objective, leading by example and our proactive policy. This requirement responds to the students’ legitimate desire to work towards a meaningful professional activity, and our determination to prepare the decision makers of tomorrow to include Corporate Social Responsibility in their actions.

Supporting social entrepreneurship

INSEEC U. supports business incubators in France and abroad where students and alumni develop their projects.
Diverse partnerships, such as that signed with La Ruche, aim to support social entrepreneurship.

Responsible research

INSEEC U. axes part of its research on themes linked to responsibility, resulting in publications and seminars. We are also involved in the European PROREST project, seeking to set up an ethical framework for research.

Certifying CSR courses

Professional Certificates in CSR, Executive MBA in Energy Transition, Engineering Master’s in new energy and the environment… Our students are able to follow a number of courses leading to a certificate/degree in the field of social and environmental responsibility.

The CSR highlighted in international rankings

INSEEC U. has been ranked N° 1 among French higher education institutions on the UI GreenMetric Ranking for its efforts on the question of protection of the environment. Worldwide, INSEEC U. is classed 72nd out of the 719 universities ranked.
Particularly successful in education and research linked to sustainable development and the circular economy, attentive to its carbon footprint, INSEEC U. also stands out in the “urban campus” category, reaching n° 33 out of 369.

We wish to share the convictions that have built our educational model, a model entirely devoted to our students’ personal development and professional fulfillment.