INSEEC U. will partner the future-oriented journal We Demain for a forum on new educational models taking place next December.

The objective: contributing to the development of an educational process and teaching methods adapted to changes in society and proving their relevance at each step of the education value chain.

7 major revolutionary changes have been identified for a School which is:

  • Caring and innovative

The input from neurosciences, the way relations between expert/teacher and learner have evolved, the development of peer to peer learning, opening up to innovation from the field

  • Digital

Teaching is increasingly digitalized

The success of the flipped classroom

  • “The natural world”

The school is a meadow or a forest: recognizing the value of teaching  through nature.

  • Customized

Montessori, Freinet, Steiner, Decroly: alternative educational methods focused on the child and developing his/her autonomy are more and more frequently incorporated into the national education program or implemented outside the classroom in home schooling

  • Citizenship

Mediation, learning the ability to think critically about news or information, solidarity in collaborative classes, applied and shared democracy; … new directions on teachers’ road maps.

  • Fun

Escape games, role plays : learning better by having fun.

  • Pragmatic

Learning through science, through enterprise, or the indispensable  learning by doing”


What if we changed schools?

Tuesday, December 10th, at 7 p.m.

At la Maison de la Radio

Program and registration on the Radio France site

For more information, visit :