INSEEC U. Faculty is composed of international researchers, professors and lecturers, who are divided into five categories:

Their main mission is centered on their contribution to developing the research they carry out in the framework of their school’s research center and more generally within the INSEEC U. Research Center. Nonetheless, they also fulfil three other missions: pedagogical (teaching, monitoring student projects, tutoring…), representing the school in academic and professional organizations, participating in the life of the school. Their contractual number of working hours is stipulated in their workload schedule at the beginning of each academic year;

Their main mission is teaching and pedagogical coordination, they are responsible for the quality and constant updating of teaching content and processes. They are deeply involved in the life of the school and its environment;

They hold a position at another institution. Their mission is to contribute to developing research and pedagogy according to terms and conditions which vary but which are stipulated by contract.

These are professionals who, in addition to their usual activity, carry out missions of variable length during the courses. They may contribute to other missions on an ad hoc basis.

These are international professors who give occasional lectures as part of a course.